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Romantic dinner in Prague

There are tons of romantic restaurants in Prague. Anyone can invite a wife, girlfriend or boyfriend to a restaurant – it’s just too easy. But there is nothing more magnificent as having Prague as the backdrop for your romantic dinner overlooking the most beautiful city in the world! Especially when your lover does not expect it. You can be spending your evening casually walking through a park, taking photos and admiring the nature. Suddenly, you stumble upon a romantic setting prepared just for the two of you. A romantic dinner in Prague with a fantastic view. And it does not have to be a proposal.

Your private romantic dinner in Prague

Together we can choose a quiet, beautiful getaway spot. It could be outdoors, with a table set up along with the food of your choice delivered right from the restaurant you’ve selected. Of course, there’s no way a romantic dinner in Prague can happen without tons of candles surrounding your table covered with rose petals. And all that can be arranged at a cozy getaway spot, away from the tourists and the evening buzz of the city with Prague almost at the palms of your hands.

With ‘Prague for Two‘ – anything is possible! I strive to make your romantic dinner in Prague the most magical and memorable event for both of you. You can have a beautifully arranged bouquet of her favorite flowers delivered to your romantic event, or choose any type of food you would like to have, whether you prefer traditional Czech, Italian, French, Russian or even Japanese cuisine, and I will have it delivered by Wolt and perfectly arranged on your table.

And, even when outdoors, your event does not have to be quiet: you can either have your favorite songs playing from your smartphone through the portable speakers available to you, or listen to my great guitarist friend singing your song. How is that for a romantic dinner in Prague?