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Celebrate a birthday in Prague

So, you’re coming to Prague and there’s a birthday celebration to look forward to? And you’re looking for something extraordinary, right? Well, look no further – you’re in the right place. I guarantee you: this birthday in Prague will be ‘The Birthday’. I mean the one your partner is going to talk about FOREVER! Because, let’s face it, it’s not every day she (or he) walks through a park somewhere in a new city and hears you casually say: “Hey, what’s that?” And suddenly there’s a beautifully decorated table standing in the middle of a terrace high above Prague’s red rooftops. You say “Happy birthday, dear!”… but your partner doesn’t even hear you. All she/he is wondering about is how did you manage to pull this off.

Celebrate your partner’s birthday in Prague

This birthday in Prague will be the easiest birthday celebration you ever had to plan for your beloved. And, more importantly, the most amazing surprise! All you have to do is click the WhatsApp icon below, let me know the date and give me your email address. You will then receive an email with all the details where you can choose your menu option and any additional items like live music or the video footage of your surprise. After we have agreed on the details I’ll give you the payment link, and as soon as your order is paid all you have to do is get to the location on time using my detailed instructions.

Hundreds (yes, literally ‘hundreds’) of couples have gone through the same plan celebrating a birthday in Prague since 2010. I have it flawlessly thought through, so no one got lost, no one got late and, yeah, really, no one got robbed in the dark. Prague is probably the safest city in Europe where the biggest crime is a pickpocket in public transport. And the park is well lit.

So, yeah, go ahead and press that WhatsApp icon. I guarantee you, this birthday in Prague will be The One.