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Propose in Prague

Propose in Prague

A Prague proposal is perfect whether it is at a restaurant, in a night club, or somewhere out on the embankment of Vltava river. The city itself sets the right mood, and ‘Prague for Two’ will provide just the right atmosphere for you to propose in Prague: outdoors at a quiet, secluded location in a beautiful park on Petrin Hill. With an astounding view of the city. Planning to propose in Prague can be quite difficult not only for someone who comes here for the first time. Even if you have visited the city a number of times, and already have a number of ideas for your Prague engagement – it is still worth thinking over.

How to propose in Prague when she does not expect it?

Lots of ideas come to mind when you want to propose in Prague. You could book an amazing boat ride, and produce the ring while looking at the city from the river. Or get on top of the tower on Petrin Hill to ask her to make the decision of a lifetime. A nice, romantic restaurant is always a good location to get engaged in Prague. But all of these options have one thing in common: they’re too obvious!

Women ave very intuitive, especially when it comes to a proposal. They somehow feel you’re going to propose, they expect it to happen. So if you decided to propose in Prague and want to make it a total surprise for your partner – all of these ideas won’t work. You will need an unexpected moment, an unusual location, and someone to prepare everything before your arrival.

That’s where I come in.

Prepare your Prague proposal without having to do anything!

Imagine a quiet, deserted park… Casually walking through it you stumble upon a romantic setting overlooking the city. The sun has just started its descent, and soon you find yourself surrounded by lots of candles, sitting at a table covered with flower blossoms. A bottle of champagne, some tasteful snacks and a bouquet of her favorite flowers… Believe me, a ‘Yes’ is a guarantee! Even in the winter!

Prague for Two is a surefire way to propose in Prague without having to do anything at all. We just exchange a couple of emails or WhatsApp messages, and in a matter of four hours you’re good to go with your engagement. Of course, I prefer people contacting me in advance, but if you’re a last-minute client, and you want to propose in Prague today – I will do anything possible not to let you down. Contact me, and see for yourself.

Just watch this live footage made with a drone, and imagine your girl’s reaction! Those emotions are priceless!

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